Freeride Sitski


Move Techs goal is to develop the proper Sitski frame, suitable mainly for freeride and freestyle skiing.

We use Chromoly and a bicycle construction technology. The frame is designed to be used with standandard 240mm mountain bike shock allowing easy maintenance and freedom in shock absorber choice.

The use of standard shocks highly increases riders technical independence. The shock can be choosed and set perfectly to each riders unique needs. Can be maintained by any bike shop world wide and easily exchanged anytime.

We have been inspired by American Grove Innovations Sitski, which is not unfortunately available on the market anymore. The unique lifting system while accessing the ski lift, designed in Grove and applied on Move Tech Freeride Sitski, allows Sitskier’s total self-sufficiency and makes the access on the ski lift very comfortable.

Move Tech Freeride Sitski means better possibilities for riders of all levels. 

Currently tested Move Tech frames are suitable for powder snow riding, jumping, as well as racing. Move Tech Freeride Sitski is designed for hard and extreme use and attempts to help sitskiing reach the free, off slope terrain and move the sitsking development forward, following the present trends.

Dedicated to Powder Skiing

  • Designed for freeriding, jumping as well as racing
  • Any standard 240 mm MTB shock absorber compatible
  • Chromoly frame with easy self loading chairlift system
  • Revolutionary Carbon Kevlar seat design
  • Wider legs positioning gives more stability  
  • Gel padding, ensures scratch and pressure free sitting
  • Strong, easy to adjust straps
  • Frame built by professional racing carts manufacturer  
  • Seat build by professional racing kayaks manufacturer                   


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