Action Chair


Ergonomic backrest design

Action Chair main specialty is the revolutionary backrest design. Together with the compact seat and the Roho pad this innovation provide much healthier and more active sitting position then systems which have been used up to now.

Integrated assisting handrail

Move Tech - Action Chair has unlimited possibility to adjust the angel of backrest with the unique Move Tech patented, super strong connection to the supporting frame.

Strapless footrest design

In the conviction that the only proper modern wheelchair construction is the simplest construction, with the solid frame, Move Technologies produce wheelchair of one type only – the universal model suitable for everyday use in any conditions.

Rigid carbon seat with integrated side guards

We avoided the complicated wheelchair design, we left out the useless adjustable functions which make the other wheelchairs too complicated, difficult to maintain and unreliable. Everything was subordinated to the simplicity, functionality, resistibility and the user’s convenience.At the same time high flexibility and various setting options in our wheelchair design guarantee the accuracy and propriety in setting the wheelchair for each user.

Waterproof materials only

Thanks to the simple, functional design and use of stainless bolts and bearings of most common sizes the low end maintenance can be easily done by user himself or any bike shop worldwide.

All stainless bearings and bolts 

All innovations together with the revolutionary design provide much more opportunities. Action chair is tested in the very though conditions and it is designed for heavy duty use and the most difficult maneuvering. Although the wheelchair is intended for hard usage, it is also perfect for easy one. It is designed for any active person and allows better mobility and increases the activity in life

Handcrafted hard aluminum frame


Built for Heavy-Duty Performance

  • Simple and functional design

  • Durable and long-lasting 

  • Fully water resistant and buoyant 

  • Quiet ride 

  • Easy maintenance

  • Smooth adjusment

  • Stainless steel bolts and bearings 

  • Carbon seat, back and footrest

  • Hand made aluminium frame

  • Maximum total weight 12kg

  • 2 years full warranty

  • Tested hard world wide


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